Sykkuno reveals his sisters have no idea he’s a famous streamer

Sykkuno streamingSykkuno

Sykkuno is one of the most popular content creators on YouTube, with a massive 2.86M followers on the streaming platform. While his viewership stats may not be as big as the figures he saw on Twitch, the streamer continues to pull in a large audience from all over the world.

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Because of his large presence online, Sykkuno often gets approached by fans at conventions and during his video game streams. However, despite his overall popularity, the streamer revealed that his sisters still have no idea what he really does for a living.

Sykkuno’s sisters think he’s a professional gamer

During his recent Fall Guys stream, Sykkuno revealed that his sisters don’t really know what he does for a living. “I have two sisters actually,” said Sykkuno. “They’re not streamers and they don’t even play games. I’m not sure they even know about my streaming. I think they just think I play games a lot. They just think I’m a gamer.”

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This certainly is unheard of for many people who work in content creation, especially those that are as big as Sykkuno. After all, streaming is still a relatively new field, so Sykkuno didn’t sound too surprised that his sisters don’t really understand his position as a YouTuber.

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“I tell them I play games and make money, so they think I’m like a professional gamer,” said Sykkuno. “They don’t realize that I’m really bad at games – I’m just a content streamer. They probably think I’m out there winning some tournament, but little do they know that I just play cat games for content and get beaten up on Fall Guys.”

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While Sykkuno might not be a professional gamer, he still provides his viewers with plenty of entertaining videos that bring lots of joy to millions.

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