Sykkuno potentially leaks DisguisedToast returning to Twitch

Published: 10/Feb/2021 11:46

by Calum Patterson


Is DisguisedToast coming back to Twitch? Fans are now convinced he will be, after fellow streamer Sykkuno appeared to accidentally spill the beans, despite Valkyrae’s best efforts to keep him quiet.

OfflineTV’s DisguisedToast moved to streaming exclusively on Facebook in 2019, and despite a few random streams on Twitch, still broadcasts on the social media platform for the majority.

There’s always been rumors that he might make the switch back to Twitch permanently, especially as Facebook, like Mixer, has struggled to pull in the market share of the livestreaming space they were probably hoping for.

While YouTube has done a better job of competing with Twitch, it’s been difficult for other platforms to muscle in. And, if Sykkuno’s on-stream slip-up is to be believed, there are already plans for DisguisedToast to come back.

disguised toast break
DisguisedToast switched from Twitch to Facebook in late 2019.

Is DisguisedToast coming back to Twitch?

During a Valorant stream on February 9, Sykkuno joked to Toast “if you clutch this, ten gifted subs when you come back to Twitch.”

Immediately realizing his mistake, Sykkuno quickly corrected himself: “if – if. If he does [come back to Twitch].”

Valkyrae gave a stern “Sykkuno…” in response – making viewers believe that it really was a genuine slip up, rather than just a joke.

Careful not to let anything else slip, Sykkuno simply laughed it off, rather awkwardly it must be said.

Of course, this could mean nothing – but given the reaction from both Sykkuno and Valkyrae, and the conspicuous silence from Toast himself, it could mean everything too.

Toast’s 1.7 million-follower channel is still active on Twitch, primed for his return, should he make it. Of course, another option for him, if he does plan to stop streaming on Facebook, would be a move to YouTube, similar to Valkyrae.

DisguisedToast already has over 3 million subscribers there too. Still, for now he’s still with Facebook, and could well stay there for the long run. We’ll just have to wait and see his next moves.


IRL drive-by stream sniper stuns Twitch streamer with expensive necklace

Published: 25/Feb/2021 0:22

by Michael Gwilliam


A Twitch streamer was given an over-the-top birthday gift from a stream sniping fan when he pulled up to her in his car.

IRL Twitch streamer ‘sushipotatoo’ was celebrating her birthday in Japan and everything seemed to be going great until a fan showed up with the intent to make it even better.

Stream sniping is normally associated with online games where viewers would find out what lobby the streamer they’re watching was in and try to queue into it themselves to interact with them.

However, with the popularity of IRL streams, this is sometimes taken to the next level with fans showing up in real world locations to say ‘hi’ or in sushipotatoo’s case, give away expensive gifts.

On February 24, the streamer was hanging out on the street when suddenly a fan pulled up in his car to talk to her.

“I watch your page!” he said, doing his best to speak English despite it clearly not being his first language. “It’s your birthday today!”

“Yea!” sushipotatoo blushed, but nothing could prepare her for what was going to happen next.

Out of nowhere, the viewer handed her a Tiffany necklace. These necklaces are not cheap and can cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

“It’s so nice to meet you, thank you so much!” she exclaimed and proceeded to shake hands with the viewer, who, as it turns out, was watching her stream in his car.

The ecstatic streamer could hardly contain herself and eventually asked the fan if she could go into his car to open up the expensive gift.

sushipotatoo and her stream sniper get sushi.
sushipotatoo and her stream sniper hung out for a long time.

While getting into a car with a complete stranger may seem dangerous, the two ended up hugging and the generous donor even helped put the necklace around her.

If things weren’t already crazy enough, the two went for a drive and hung out until the morning where they went to get breakfast sushi.

As of the time of this posting the two are still hanging out, a clear sign that they are getting along and could very well become good friends. A happy ending to one of the craziest stream sniping stories in recent memory.