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Sykkuno has hilarious reason why he doesn’t take sponsored Twitch streams seriously

Published: 27/Jan/2022 3:09

by Isaac McIntyre


Sykkuno has revealed a hilarious reason why he simply doesn’t take sponsored Twitch streams seriously anymore, admitting he “doesn’t care” about getting them perfectly right and just does whatever he wants instead.

Twitch has built a culture of sponsored broadcasts over the past few years, with big-time streamers often running ad streams for new games & releases for money.

One streamer that often airs gameplay previews is Sykkuno, a variety entertainer who’s happy to play anything. That doesn’t mean he dishes out the best takes on these games, however ⁠— the Las Vegas streamer admits he often “doesn’t try at all” in the paid streams.


“I probably shouldn’t say that, right?” he laughed.

Despite his own warning, Sykkuno revealed: “Honestly, the way I feel about sponsored streams is the more scuffed, the better. If it then sucks, that’s on them.”

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Twitch: Sykkuno
The popular Twitch streamer hosts a few sponsored #ad streams every few months.

Sykkuno’s reasoning for “not trying” is that the paid part of any of his advertising streams actually just constitutes him testing the game. How he approaches that, if he rates the title poorly, and if any issues arise isn’t really his problem.

Funnily enough, this lackadaisical take on sponsored streams has actually spiked offers. When Sykkuno first started out he had to approach some games for early copies, or trial access. Now, devs want a bite of his 4m followers, and even the blasé attitude he has too.


No matter how big the game, he’ll “tell it how it is.”

“That’s good [for my fans] though, because it means you guys know I won’t take some weird-champ sponsor. The way I see it is that they’re sponsoring me to try out their game or something like that. And if it sucks, that’s on them.

“If there’s problems, or I call out problems, they should have spent more money making a better game,” the streamer added. “If it sucks, that’s on them.”

That mentality has led Sykkuno to stop taking his sponsored Twitch streams seriously. At times, he even spends more time fiddling with settings and talking to fans. It’s gotten to the point where he “doesn’t bother” making sure advertisers are happy, and expects them to come back anyway ⁠— and they do.


One classic example came just weeks ago, when he was playing Riders Republic in an #ad stream. He claimed several times the title’s gameplay was “bad,”, before remembering he was being paid and backtracking.

“Maybe I shouldn’t say all this!” Sykkuno said after his admission. “It’s probably bad to say. I might never get sponsored again, but I want to be honest with you guys.”