Sykkuno had no idea who Froste is despite their beef 6 months ago

Sykkuno streaming on YouTube and Froste posing in 100 Thieves merchYouTube: Sykkuno/ Instagram: Froste

YouTube streamer Sykkuno was stunned after finding out that he and his fanbase had a Twitter feud with former The Mob member Froste six months ago before his drama with 100 Thieves.

Sykkuno has a supportive fanbase behind him who have followed him ever since he started streaming regularly in April 2019 and during his big move from Twitch to YouTube.

So, it’s no surprise that when Twitch streamer Froste made some controversial comments towards Sykkuno and his fans in March 2022, he found himself under intense scrutiny from Syk’s fans on social media with a wave of hateful messages and threats.

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However, Sykkuno was completely in the dark over the situation six months ago as he claims he’d “never heard” of Froste before his shocking accusations against 100 Thieves on August 29.

Sykkuno had “never heard” of Froste before 100 Thieves drama

The drama surrounding Froste and 100 Thieves has been a hot topic of conversation among the streaming community. This was no different on August 31 when Sykkuno was speaking to 100T content creator Peter Park who broke down the situation to Syk and his friends.

He also informed the YouTuber that he stopped following Froste on Twitter after the heated dispute between him and Sykkuno’s fans. The situation was sparked when Froste supposedly questioned why Syk had been nominated for ‘Streamer of the Year’ at QTCinderella’s The Streamer Awards.

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Yet, Sykkuno, who isn’t the most active on social media, admitted he’d “never heard of the guy” and that he only found out about Froste following on from his allegations against 100T. Six months after Froste’s Twitter feud with “deranged” Sykkuno fans.

It comes after Froste locked horns with 100 Thieves owner Nadeshot, accusing the organization of refusing to give them adequate financial support during their time under the 100T banner. Nadeshot fired back stating that he was disappointed with The Mob’s lack of work ethic and for choosing a $10k a month content house.

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“Basically, [Froste] came off as extremely entitled,” Park claimed. “He expected to just have success handed to him on a plate.”

The feud between Sykkuno’s fans and Froste is over for now. However, the ongoing dispute between Froste and 100 Thieves continues to dominate the streaming community.