Sykkuno fans roast Pokimane’s outfit with the perfect comparison

pokimane and sykkuno on twitchPokimane / Sykkuno Twitch

Sykkuno doesn’t even need to be involved in Pokimane’s Twitch streams anymore to make her laugh, as his fans invaded Poki’s chat to deliver the perfect roast. 

Pokimane has been splitting opinions on Twitch of late, after claiming women streamers have it easier when it comes to growing a channel on the livestreaming platform.

After going live on March 16, though, it wasn’t a bold opinion of any kind that was in the spotlight.

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Instead, it was the outfit she chose to wear.

sykkuno-twitch-subathonTwitch: Sykkuno
This is what Sykkuno’s background looks like when he goes live on Twitch.

Pokimane gets roasted over her outfit

The popular Twitch and YouTube star was just chatting to her viewers when a comment appeared from one of Sykkuno’s fans.

The 25-year-old took a moment to read through it on stream, repeating what it said: “You dress like Sykkuno’s background on his stream…”

As the chat fell into raptures, Poki responded by quickly Googling what Sykkuno’s background looks like. It wasn’t long before she was laughing along, too!

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Lo and behold, it was a checkered pattern, exactly like the dress she was wearing.

Trying to compose herself from the laughter, Pokimane said: “I can never experiment with outfits on stream! Like, I really f**king can’t.”

It didn’t take long for her to recite a few previous comparisons her chat had made, in relation to her choice of dress.

“All of a sudden it’s ‘You look like a highlighter! You look like a ketchup bottle! You look like a chessboard!'” she added. “Come on, bro…”

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Rotating outfits must be tough enough for big streamers, going live every day, and clearly what they choose to wear won’t please everyone. Luckily, in this case, Pokimane saw the funny side of the situation.

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