Sykkuno fails miserably trying to make conversation with Brie Larson on stream

Twitch: Sykkuno / flickr: Jessica Cicchetto

Twitch star Sykkuno was left reeling on a sponsored stream when he tried to talk to academy award-winning actress Brie Larson and chose the most boring conversation starter imaginable.

It’s been a pretty crazy year for Sykkuno. At the start of 2020, he was a relatively small streamer with a decent following of just over 80,000 people. But with the popularization of Among Us, he became one of the biggest content creators around.

Given his meteoric rise, you’d forgive Sykkuno for being a bit starstruck when meeting some of the famous people on the planet. Larson, well-known as Captain Marvel, definitely fits this profile.

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But whether it was the nerves from meeting a legendary actress, or just general social awkwardness, Sykkuno will not look back fondly on his first conversation with Brie Larson.

Sykkuno Return StreamingSykkuno
With over 3 million followers, Sykkuno has become one of the stars of Twitch.

Sykkuno had been afforded the chance to play Knockout City – a multiplayer game that resembles dodgeball – with Larson as part of an EA sponsorship.

And armed with an MVP performance in his previous game and floods of supportive messages from chat, Sykkuno was ready to engage in conversation with Larson. “Ok guys, time to try and create conversation,” he said, psyching himself up for the task ahead.

“So how’s the uh, how’s the weather?” he said to the Oscar-winning actress. An awkward silence followed.

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“You did not just say that,” teammate BrookeAB said, as Sykkuno realized the sheer blandness of the conversation he had started.

Larson handled the situation by taking a quick bathroom break, but Sykkuno remained defiant. “Alright guys, we tried alright?” he added, in between bouts of laughter.

When the crew returned for their next game, it was clear Sykkuno’s rousing conversation hadn’t done them any favors, as they went on to lose the following battle.

Either way, it’s likely to be a conversation he will never forget – whether he wants to or not.