Sykkuno fails against “hardest boss ever” in debut Dark Souls stream

Lawrence Scotti
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Sykkuno/From Software

Twitch star Sykkuno hosted his first-ever Dark Souls 3 stream where he couldn’t get past the first “boss” of the game, which wasn’t even an actual enemy.

The Dark Souls franchise has become infamous amongst gamers for its high degree of difficulty.

So much so, in fact, that it’s spawned an entire sub-genre of games with high difficulty, high-risk combat inspired by the iconic From Software titles, with the upcoming Elden Ring drawing plenty of hype.

Sykkuno hosted his first Dark Souls stream, kicking things off with the third title in the series, when he failed against the game’s first enemy: the online service agreement.

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Twitch: Sykkuno
Sykkuno has over 3.9 million Twitch subscribers.

Sykkuno loses to first Dark Soul 3 “boss”

The Twitch star was hosting a New Years’ stream on December 31 when he first gave Dark Souls 3 a shot.

Before being allowed to start his playthrough, he got to the online service agreement page which he needed to accept, but had difficulties with his controller and scrolled through the agreement at a snail’s pace.

“Oh Jesus, is this controller even on? No way I have to read through this.”

After he realized it would take forever to get through the page he joked, “No wonder everyone says this game is really hard. It’s happening already, this is the hardest boss ever.”

After finally figuring out how to get through the agreement quickly, he got to the bottom and accidentally hit decline.

“Oh no, I hit decline!” he shouted, as his chat went into a frenzy.

He was forced to read through the entire agreement once more before finally getting a shot at playing the game.

It turns out DS3’s hardest opponent wasn’t a giant scary monster, but complying with Bandai Namco’s online user agreement.