Sykkuno embarrassed as JustaMinx can’t stop simping for his new “bowl cut” hair


Twitch star JustaMinx was playing Fortnite alongside fellow streamer Sykkuno when she gassed up his new haircut in the funniest way possible.

Fortnite developer Epic Games made a massive change to the popular third-person shooter when they completely removed building from the game.

The change was a drastic move as it leveled the playing field for those who hadn’t refined their building skills over the years. It also brought back many big streamers, like xQc and Pokimane, who haven’t played the game in quite a long time.

The update also brought back creators Sykkuno and JustaMinx, who shared a great moment together involving Sykkuno’s new hairdo.

Sykkuno_coverSykkuno has over 4 million followers on Twitch.

JustaMinx loves Sykkuno’s new bowl cut

Sykkuno was streaming on March 24 when Minx had a bizarre question for him.

“Sykkuno, I have a question. Who let you play this?” He responded in confusion, “What do you mean let me play this?”

Minx responded, “Like, who let you play this lookin’ so FINE! With that new haircut! You should be in Just Chatting motherf**ker! You play Fortnite looking that good?!”

He couldn’t believe how hard she went to praise his new cut, “What the heck! Thanks, I think.” Despite being one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, Sykkuno has a reputation for being shy, and often downplays any interest he gets from women in particular.

Sykkuno clarified the style is a “bowl cut,” and Minx wasn’t done obsessing over it.

“I personally think you look amazing. I’m trying to watch the gameplay here, but I cannot take my eyes off how good you look with that haircut!”

The OTV streamer revealed the bowl cut earlier in that same stream after he rocked long hair at The Streamer Awards.