Sykkuno claims the best thing about Twitch had nothing to do with the platform

. 2 months ago
YouTube: Sykkuno

In response to a fan who asked him whether he likes YouTube better than Twitch following his monumental move, Sykkuno claimed the best thing about Twitch actually had nothing to do with the platform itself.

After exploding in popularity throughout the last couple of years on Twitch, Sykkuno announced a shock move to their biggest rival, YouTube, after reportedly being offered a “ridiculous” amount of money to make the switch.

He’s since opened up about the move, admitting a major blunder on Twitch’s behalf influenced his decision, and how he felt “replaceable” on their platform.

Now, he claims the best thing about his former home at Twitch had nothing to do with them.

YouTube: Sykkuno
Sykkuno is one of several streamers who have switched from Twitch to YouTube in recent months.

After a fan asked him whether he likes YouTube more than Twitch, he replied: “I will say that the thing I liked more about Twitch wasn’t even Twitch. It was just the community there, which is kind of weird to say because I guess that’s part of it.”

He explained that he never felt like he had any sort of “attachment” to Twitch. Instead, it was more about his attachment to fans and viewers in chat and the “fun” they had together, which he “can still do” on YouTube.

“Giving Twitch credit is just wrong because it’s not Twitch that makes it fun,” he continued. “It’s the community.

“I don’t want to be mean to them. I know that’s weird to say. But yeah, it’s not like their website magically made it fun. It was the people that were there.”

Like other streamers who moved from Twitch to YouTube, Sykkuno has settled into his new home well. He currently has a little under 3 million subscribers, which is a little less than the 4 million followers he had on Twitch.

However, his average viewership isn’t far off the mark, and according to SocialBlade, the trajectory of his growth looks promising. So, it’s fair to say that he’s already well on the way to re-establishing his community after the big move.

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