Sykkuno pokes fun at xQc after getting too honest during hilarious ad read

André González Rodríguez
sykkuno and xqc
Twitch: sykkuno/xQcOW

Twitch streamer Sykkuno got a little too honest during a sponsor read, making fun of fellow star xQc in the process and leading to an overall hilarious moment.

Streamers reading off advertisements during live broadcasts is nothing new. Apart from the typical sub or donation, this is just another way these content creators make a living.

In some cases, you get the likes of popular League of Legends streamer, Tyler1, delivering an impeccable ad read for a sponsored Twitch stream – and in others, you get the likes of Sodapoppin flubbing one during The Game Awards.

In the end, this form of revenue is essential for streamers to keep their lights on, and sometimes, they can lead to pretty entertaining moments.

Twitch stream boost feature
Ad reads for sponsored streams are part of streamers’ revenues.

Sykkuno doesn’t sugarcoat an ad read and makes fun of xQc

During a stream on December 30, content creator Sykkuno attempted to get through an ad read towards the start of his broadcast.

Although done to the best of his ability, Sykkuno had to give a message to showcase the sponsorship, this one being with popular VPN service NordVPN. The streamer ended up showed honesty that inadvertently called out his sponsor, noting that sometimes, VPNs can make online games a bit of a laggy experience.

After that, he mentioned how VPNs can help fight off DDoS attacks and cheekily took a jab at xQc — a streamer who’s had his fair share of DDoS attacks in the past.

“But, you know, it does protect you from DDoS attacks,” Sykkuno said. “You, guys why doesn’t X have this? He gets DDoS’ed like every other week.”

Sykkuno quickly changed his tune and made sure to plug his discount code with the VPN.

As time has gone on, some streamers have gotten more creative with their ad reads leading to some entertaining moments. Who knows? Maybe this will be a trend that other content creators will pick up on to make for a more fun advertising experience.