Who is Sydney Redner on TikTok? Viral creator lives in Taylor Swift’s childhood home

Sydney Redner next to Taylor Swift on TikTokTikTok: taylorswift / sydthefreakinbid

Creator Sydney Redner went viral on TikTok in 2020 after she revealed that she lived in Taylor Swift’s childhood home, but now it seems that the house is back on the market and being sold to someone new.

TikTok is a place where fan communities thrive, and people are constantly sharing their best stories relating to their favorite star, sharing cool memorabilia, or discussing what made them become a fan in the first place.

In 2020, one TikTok user challenged fans of Taylor Swift living in Berks County to share their weirdest connection to the popular singer. Sydney Redner had perhaps the craziest connection of all, revealing that she lived in the house that Taylor lived in for a period of time when she was younger.

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The five bedroom house in Reading Pennsylvania is believed to have been the inspiration for some of Swift’s most popular lyrics, and fans were stunned to see Sydney walk through the house, showing parts of both the interior and the exterior.

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“Why am I shocked. why did I forget someone else is allowed to live there and it isn’t a museum,” one comment with over 14,000 likes read.

“You are the absolute luckiest person to walk this earth,” said another.

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Sydney even later revealed that “in the cement outside, there is an imprint that says ‘TAS,’” which are Tayler’s initials, and could very well have been left by the star herself. She also said: “We get a lot of fans taking pictures outside the house. I feel like there tends to be more around the holidays, when people are traveling from other states and want to see it.”

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The video got over 800,000 views and 150,000 likes, and was hugely popular among the fan community on the app.

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However, the house recently went up for sale again with an asking price of a little under 1 million, and a sale now reportedly pending.

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