Sydney May shuts down rumors that she broke up Addison Rae & Bryce Hall

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After nearly a year of speculation, Sydney May Vezina has once again rebuked rumors that she was responsible for the breakdown of Bryce Hall’s and Addison Rae’s relationship.

Sydney May is a rising star in influencer circles; with 2.1 million followers on the app, the 17-year-old is making a name for herself with her upbeat dance videos and relatable content.

However, her rise to stardom has been plagued with rumors and internet trolling concerning her alleged role in the breakdown of Bryce Hall and Addison Rae’s relationship in January.

Although it has been nearly eight months since Hall and Vezina were first linked, it seems like ‘Braddison’ shippers can’t get Vezina’s alleged involvement with Hall out of their head.

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Sydney May was first linked to 20-year-old Bryce Hall at the start of 2020, when she was just 16.

When asked by a Hollywood Fix reporter about rumors that she was the cause of Bryce Hall and Addison Rae breaking up, Vezina responded that the accusation was “not true in any way whatsoever”.

Expanding on her relationship with Bryce, Sydney May explains that he is “like a big brother” to her and that they were always just “really good friends”.


What happened between Bryce Hall and Sydney May?

During January this year, Sydney May set tongues wagging as she began to spend an increasing amount of time with TikTok superstar Bryce Hall, frequently appearing in his videos and hanging out with Hall and his friends.

This all snowballed when, simultaneous to cheating rumors surfacing about Hall, a photo was posted where Sydney May had her legs over his.

Shortly after the photo was published, Addison Rae Tweeted saying that “all men are the same”, which many fans took to be a response to Vezina and Hall’s ‘relationship’.

This then led to a lot of online backlash for Sydney May, with ‘Braddison’ supporters sending threats, making comments and harassing her over her supposed role in Bryce and Addison’s breakup.

The online bullying intensified to the point that Sydney posted a tearful video to her TikTok account in a bid to put an end to the trolling.

Youtube: I Don't Think So/TikTok: sydneyvmay
When Bryce Hall and Addison Rae broke up, Sydney May took the brunt of the blame.

Whilst things have certainly died down for her since January, it appears that the scrutiny around that picture hasn’t subsided entirely, which led to her explaining the full context surrounding the image to the Hollywood Fix reporter:

“The photographer pulled me in and put me at the end of the couch,” she said. “If you look at the uncropped photo, you can see that both of the boys’ [Bryce and his friend’s] knees are touching. So I put my leg across one of Bryce’s legs and also all my friends.”

TikTok: sydneyvmay
Sydney May remains adamant that her and Bryce Hall are just friends.

While the drama surrounding Hall and Rae’s relationship will always be a mystery, it is safe to assume that Sydney May’s relationship with Hall is and always has been completely platonic.

Since then, Bryce and Addison have seemingly continued an on-off relationship, only recently calling it quits.