SweetAnita jokes she will 'copystrike' streamer who 'stole her tics' - Dexerto

SweetAnita jokes she will ‘copystrike’ streamer who ‘stole her tics’

Published: 28/Mar/2020 14:50

by Connor Bennett


Popular streamer Sweet Anita joked that she’s going to ‘copy strike’ a fellow broadcaster after he, inadvertently, started to mimic her tics during streams because of Twitch chat. 

Since kicking off her streams in 2018, Sweet Anita has become one of Twitch’s most popular and loved streamers – with her Tourette’s tics leading to some pretty hilarious moments for both herself and her viewers.

In her climb up Twitch’s popularity standing, the streamer has amassed over 750,000 followers, with thousands of fans tuning in to watching her regular broadcasts. Though, during her March 28 stream, Anita issued a pretty hilarious warning to anikichad – a fan of hers, who also has Tourette’s syndrome, and has turned to streaming.


Sweet Anita, YouTube
The British streamer has become very popular on Twitch.

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During her short Saturday morning stream, the new streamer had just crossed the year mark of being subbed to Anita when she took a moment to thank him and compliment his contributions to some of her previous broadcasts.

“He is really charismatic and I think he’s going to go far because he’s started streaming and he’s doing really well, but unfortunately, he’s caught a few of my tics,” Anita said, before demonstrating which ones they were. 

“Quite often, people come into his chat and ask that question, and say why are you copying Anita’s tics. Well, fair play to you dude for sticking with it and preserving,” she added.


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Though, things took a pretty hilarious turn when the streamer came to the conclusion of her praise. “That said, those are my f**king tics and I am copy striking your VODs, you bitch,” she said, looking as stern-faced as possible.

“You better take them the f**k down or give me the royalties, ok. I didn’t go through 30 years of these tics and this bulls**t just for you to steal my thunder, ok. Pay up! I’ll talk to you after the stream,” Anita concluded, all while hiding her laugh behind taking a sip of a drink.


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Of course, the streamer was only joking and the moment gave her fans a laugh – though, if you tuned in at the wrong time, you may have thought she was laying down the law. 

After all, Anita is supportive with other streamers and, like she did with Aniki, hypes them up every so often.