Sweet Anita's Tourette's hilariously gives baby an unexpected name

by Virginia Glaze
Sweet_Anita, Twitch / Freepik


Twitch offers a variety of content for users to enjoy, from IRL streams to video games and more - but streamer “Sweet_Anita” stands out from the rest, providing hilarious moments thanks to her acute Tourette’s Syndrome.

Sweet_Anita is relatively open about her condition, explaining how it affects her life and even the funny and awkward moments that have arisen from the syndrome for her audience.

However, tics from her Tourette's often arise during her live broadcasts in humorous ways - one of which occurred after a fan asked her a heartwarming question.

Sweet_Anita, Twitter
Sweet_Anita, Twitter
Sweet_Anita is a popular streamer on Twitch, known for her humorous commentary and her acute Tourette's Syndrome.

Anita went live in a broadcast on September 18 when a fan announced that they are expecting a baby, asking the streamer for her opinions on a possible name for the child via a donation message.

In a hilarious turn of events, the streamer experienced a tic just after reading the question aloud - giving an amusing answer in place of an appropriate name.

“Sir C*ntsalot!” Anita answered. “Wow! Let me have a think - B*tch! Call it b*tch! ...Felicity assmunch.”

After the tic ran its course, Anita switched direction, claiming that she’d go with plant-based or animal names if she were in the donator’s shoes.

“I like plant names a lot,” she continued. “I always thought if I had a kid I’d name them after a plant, like Rose or Ivy, Bracken, Hazel, Willow. I think if it was a boy, maybe animal names, like Robin or Marten. I don’t know why, I like Earthy names.”


This wouldn’t be the first time a tic has interrupted Anita at a crucial moment on stream, either: she was in the middle of an Overwatch game during a broadcast in December 2018 when a fellow player asked why she was whistling - a common tic of hers.

“Hello,” Anita answered, quickly followed by an unfortunate tic which caused her to say, “I’ve got a d*ck” - resulting in uproarious laughter from the other player.

Sweet_Anita is a popular face on Twitch, boasting a dedicated community of followers thanks to her refreshing humor and openness about her Tourettes syndrome - as well as the funny moments that arise from it on stream.