Sweet Anita roasts KSI and the Sidemen in IRL Tinder game

Sidemen, YouTube

KSI and the Sidemen have returned with yet another IRL Tinder challenge — but this time, things took an unexpected turn after Twitch streaming star ‘Sweet_Anita’ joined in on the shenanigans.

British YouTube group ‘The Sidemen’ and social media star KSI came together for yet another one of their IRL Tinder videos, which tasks the group with winning over a lucky lady using a pickup line of their choice.

Of course, sometimes these pickup lines are better than others, and its up to the female contestant to sort out the trash from the treasure based on their methods of wooing her.

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KSI, Instagram
KSI and the Sidemen got together for another IRL Tinder challenge, which tasked them with picking up female content creators with their best pickup lines.

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These aren’t just any female contestants, either: the Sidemen collaborate with top female content creators for extra hilarity, making for a gut-busting show when they turn someone down.

One of these internet stars was Twitch streamer Sweet Anita, who is known across the net for her good-natured sense of humor and acute Tourette’s syndrome.

YouTube: Sweet Anita
Sweet_Anita is a unique face on Twitch, best known for her acute Tourette’s Syndrome and the hilarious moments that arise from the condition.

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Her Tourette’s often makes itself the center of her broadcasts, and it was no different this time around, with the streamer’s condition popping off more than a few laugh-worthy quips in response to the Sidemen’s pickup lines.

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The hijinks began as Ethan used her Tourette’s in a cheeky pun — to which Anita’s syndrome replied, “Go suck a d**k.”

While Ethan surprisingly got a “yes,” Calum’s suggestion of letting Anita’s next tic decide their evening plans awarded him an immediate “no,” drawing a roar of laughter from the group.

Sidemen, YouTube
Sweet Anita’s acute Tourette’s Syndrome made for a hilarious segment on the Sidemen’s IRL Tinder challenge.

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However, that wasn’t the most hilarious moment of the video: Vik’s decision to plug Sidemen merchandise caused Anita’s tic to shout, “What a sellout!” leaving KSI beside himself as the group broke out into giggles.

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KSI himself suffered an even funnier insult from Anita’s tic, after approaching her with a highly explicit pickup line.

“Alright, no,” she replied before her tic took over. “Get out! What a slut! Bend over!”

(Segment begins at 45:30 for mobile readers)

Sweet Anita uses her platform on Twitch to educate her viewers about the struggles of life with Tourette’s Syndrome — and while she’s suffered some backlash for her condition in the past, the streamer always invites her audience to find the humor in the awkward moments that arise from her verbal tics.

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