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Sweet Anita explains why she’s “paying forward” generous Twitch donation

Published: 20/Jan/2020 16:10

by Matt Porter


Popular Twitch streamer Sweet Anita has explained why she is matching a generous donation made by a close friend to her in aid of charity, explaining that she plans to “pay it forward” to help others.

Sweet Anita became a Twitch sensation throughout 2019, a streamer with Tourette’s Syndrome whose broadcasts are often filled with positivity and laughs while she plays games or just chats with her audience. Her content has seen her grow a large and caring community, as demonstrated on January 20 when a viewer made a large donation to the streamer, asking her to give it to a charity of her choice.


While the Brit was blown away at the time, she has since used social media to expand on her plans, revealing that she intends to add her own money to the donation and give it to a cause that is close to her heart.

Sweet_Anita laughing while streaming on Twitch.
Twitch: Sweet_Anita
Anita revealed that she has big plans for a generous donation from her chat.

During her morning stream, Anita received £305.81 from a donator named “addieleaf,” who explained that her community wanted to send the streamer the money to give to a charity of her choice, in the hopes of having a 2020 filled with “love and kindness.”

At the end of her stream, Anita used her Twitter account to reveal what she planned to do with the money, explaining that she would double it with her own money and give it to her therapist, in the hopes of allowing someone who needed help to receive the treatment they need that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.


“After much thought, I’m matching this donation from a close friend and giving it to my therapist,” she wrote. “I stopped needing therapy years ago, but it gave me back my life. Now I’m paying it forward so that hopefully someone else can get help they wouldn’t normally have access to.”

Anita‘s donation to her therapist can now help others who need help just as she did and means that someone will benefit directly from both her donation, and the incredible generosity of her community.

Moments like this are an incredible reminder of the power of a group of people pulling in the same direction, and their decision will be of great help to someone who really needs it.