Sweet Anita explains why dating “simps” can be “toxic”

Sweet Anita, YouTube

Sweet Anita is a popular Twitch streamer, best known for her supportive community and acute Tourette’s Syndrome, who used her platform to share a grain of wisdom about so-called “simps” in the online world.

Thanks to her unexpected verbal tics and hilarious sense of humor, Anita has garnered an audience of over 700k follwers on Twitch, using her broadcasts to educate viewers about her condition — as well as the interesting characters she’s encountered during her time as a top streamer.

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In a YouTube video uploaded on March 26, Anita admitted that she’s dated some “simps” in the past, which she described as socially awkward people who are “desperate” for romantic attention and “obsessed” with the object of their affections.

Twee4Nita, Twitter
Sweet Anita is a popular face on Twitch, known for her acute Tourette’s syndrome and efforts to educate her viewers about the condition.

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“They’re the kind of person who sells all their stuff so they can donate thousands of pounds to their favorite e-girl and then they live off noodles for the rest of the month,” she jokingly explained.

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However, she clarified that getting involved with these types (in spite of their constant gifts and compliments) can be “toxic,” as evidenced by a few stories she told from her own experiences with “simps.”

In one story, she revealed how her male roommate would go above and beyond to do small favors for her — which later caused him to throw “temper tantrums” when she didn’t return his affections, despite Anita asking him to stop cooking her food and buying her chocolates.

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Sweet Anita described “simps” as socially awkward people who are desperate for a relationship, who go above and beyond to impress the object of their affections to the detriment of their relationship.

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“If a friend cooks you a meal, it’s awesome, and you eat the meal together,” she continued. “If a simp cooks you a meal, you feel this heavy weight, this heavy burden of pressure and expectations, like, ‘You like me now, right?’”

That wasn’t the worst of it; Anita later discovered deleted photos of herself and her ex-boyfriend on her roommates’ computer while borrowing it, which he’d cropped her ex out of, and he even threatened to “make her homeless” if she chose to start dating again.

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Despite asking him to distance himself and clarifying that she wasn’t interested in a relationship with him, her roommate felt he’d been “used” — behavior that Anita warned against during her stream.

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“It’s usually one-sided,” she clarified. “And no matter how obvious it is that they’re not interested in you, you keep trying and keep holding out hope… these sorts of behaviors can drive your friends away.”

With the term “simp” growing ever-more prevalent in the online world, Anita’s stories come at a perfect time, with many female content creators sharing their own experiences with overly-enthusiastic male fans.

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