Sweet Anita blasts creepy Twitch viewers: “I don’t know why I’m here anymore”

Virginia Glaze
Sweet Anita considers quitting twitch
YouTube: Sweet Anita / Twitch

Sweet Anita has become one of Twitch’s most popular content creators, but thanks to an abundance of creepy viewers clipping her broadcasts, she admitted that she isn’t sure she wants to continue streaming.

Twitch stands as one of the internet’s premier broadcasting websites, boasting all manner of content for just about everyone to enjoy — but sometimes, viewers can take things out of hand.

Clipping Twitch streams allows viewers to create highlights of their favorite moments from broadcasts they watch. While this tool has its genuine uses, some users are abusing it to create clips with inappropriate intentions, especially toward female broadcasters.

Generally, these are called “creep clips:” clips that are taken from otherwise nonsexual situations but used in sexual ways. If you’re a Twitch regular, you’ve probably seen them around the net; video compilations of female streamers standing up from their chairs, or even just licking their lips.

Sweet Anita twitch creeps
YouTube: Sweet Anita
Sweet Anita is taking aim at creepy Twitch viewers who are making inappropriate clips from her broadcasts.

It stands to reason that women wouldn’t be huge fans of viewers taking these moments out of context to suit their less-than-pleasant means. Sweet Anita discussed this issue during a recent ‘Just Chatting’ broadcast with another streamer, admitting that she’s considered leaving Twitch because of it.

“No matter how much I express it, people are always wanting me to produce it,” she said of viewers wanting her to create sexual content. “If I don’t, other people will force that content out of me by stealing clips off my channel.”

Anita went on to explain that even if she turns off clips for certain streams, some viewers will go the extra mile and download her VODs just to re-upload these clips to other sites.

“They still sell my body without my consent. Honestly, it upsets me, but it makes me just not want to be here anymore, because if I’m putting my heart, soul and time into doing this, if I’m having 36 hour work days sometimes just to be able to stream… and all they’re doing is just ****ing wanking, I don’t know why I’m here anymore.”

Thus far, Anita’s situation has been met with sympathy from viewers, with many attributing the rise in “creep clips” to the current “hot tub meta” on Twitch.

It’s important to note, though, that creepy clips have been a problem on the site for some time. Hopefully, with Anita and other women speaking out, something can be done about this inappropriate behavior toward streamers in the near future.