Sway ‘rejoins’ FaZe Clan after leaving in social media stunt

Sway rejoins Faze Clan headerMartha Galvan

Fortnite pro and content creator Josue ‘Sway’ Burgos has ‘rejoined’ FaZe Clan after announcing he was “done” with the iconic organization. The manner in which it was done though has divided fans.

18 year-old Fortnite pro and content creator Sway has rejoined FaZe Clan after he abruptly announced his ‘departure’ from the clan on September 13. 

At the beginning of the week, Sway stated he was leaving FaZe after three years, simply posting an announcement on Twitter before then going completely silent on social media. His profile picture and banner on Twitter were blacked out — along with his Instagram profile too. 

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He had also added that he would “explain when I’m ready” in an Instagram reel. That time would appear to be three days later on September 16 after he posted a video announcing his return and re-signing with the team.

The video includes Sway lying down in some sort of revitalization chamber, building up his power and levelling up. When he awakens from the chamber, he is given a controller and can be seen fiddling around with it before the footage then confirms that he is back with FaZe Clan.

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The video ends by announcing that Sway is being “reintroduced” into FaZe Clan, even calling the Fortnite pro the “perfect gamer.” When heading over to the official Faze Clan website, Sway is now back on the team roster page.

However the move has divided fans: While many are unsurprised by Sway coming back to FaZe, some voiced their disappointment at the publicity stunt.

Sway was the youngest content creator to join FaZe Clan when he did so in 2019 at just 15.

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Since then he has gone on to become a well known figure in the gaming space, with over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and over 3 million Instagram followers.

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