Susu slams Twitch “stalker boogeymen” concerns as reply to thirsty fan goes viral - Dexerto

Susu slams Twitch “stalker boogeymen” concerns as reply to thirsty fan goes viral

Published: 23/Nov/2021 20:49 Updated: 23/Nov/2021 22:41

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer Susu’s viral response to a fan wanting to “smash” has resulted in some concerned viewers worrying about potential stalkers.

Earlier in November, Susu was streaming on Twitch when a fan asked her if he could “smash,” resulting in the streamer going off on him and his commitment to engaging in relations with her.

“What are you going to do? Shove your d**k through the computer screen?” she asked before pondering if he was even willing to fly over to her or book her a plane ticket to his place.

The response spread like wildfire across Twitter, Reddit, and other websites. However, it also prompted some fans to voice concerns for the steamer’s wellbeing for seemingly welcoming such an interaction.


Susu dismisses stalker worries from concerned fans

Taking to Twitter, the gothic cosplayer and knife collector noted how after she had made the joke in response to the thirsty fan, some viewers said a man could start stalking her over it.

“I made a joke about a silly thirst comment in my Twitch chat and it went viral with concern police saying a man would stalk me because of it,” she explained.

Furthermore, Susu stated she won’t live in fear, because she has nothing to be afraid of saying, “I refuse to be conditioned to live in fear of men and be told I can’t say certain things. Most men aren’t predators. Stop it.”


In response, many on social media agreed with Susu and remarked how there was an element of “victim blaming” going on despite the fact that nothing had even happened.

“These people are legit making up stalker boogeymen that I should apparently be scared of. It’s nuts,” she said, noting how no one had made her feel unsafe in the slightest.

It’s good to see that Susu isn’t concerned after making the comments and hopefully this will ease concerns over her wellbeing.