Summit1g’s Jigsaw impression terrifies player into leaving Sea of Thieves server

Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar is becoming well known for his funny Sea of Thieves streams, but while his latest comedy clip made many viewers laugh, it appeared to scare one player into fleeing the game altogether.

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Summit has been entertaining his audience with his Sea Of Thieves exploits in recent weeks, and many other streamers have jumped on board.

He has created some classic clips when stealing enemy chests and hiding out in enemy ships, but his latest, created with the help of a voice changer, might just be the best yet.

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RARESea of Thieves has become incredibly popular on Twitch recently.
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Using a voice changer program to mimic the infamous Jigsaw voice from the SAW movies, Summit called out to an enemy: “I want to play a game. Here on this island, I have hidden your chest – your Seafarers Chest. You have two minutes to find this chest and turn it in. If you don’t, I’ll kill you, I’ll sink your ship and I’ll turn it in. The clock starts now.”

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While Lazar waited with baited breath, he was to be denied as the player decided to leave the game instead of taking on the streamer, possibly thinking that the chest wasn’t worth the effort.

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“She left the game,” Summit shouted. “God damn it, dude! I think I scared the shit out of her. I got to start doing that now man – I want to play a game on things I steal!”

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Yet that didn’t stop the streamer retreating back to the chest he had stolen and cashing it in for some sweet, sweet gold coins. 

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