Summit1g’s thrilling GTA RP police chase ends in huge disaster

David Purcell
Summit1g / Twitter, Twitch

Jaryd ‘Sea of Thieves plays in the past, bamboozling other players, but his plan to make a mockery of the Grand Theft Auto RP police force never exactly went to plan. 

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The variety Twitch streamer has rekindled his love for GTA RP in recent weeks which means his popular Charles Johnson character is back on the loose in the NoPixel server. 

While he’s already been caught up in hilarious botched presentations where a player was killed, and even a failed bank heist, this police chase might be the best thing viewers have seen since his return. 

summit1g, Twitch
Summit1g had the police on his tail for a long time in GTA RP, after trying to steal from yet another bank.
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Summit was driving away from them at full speed along a bridge near the mountain range before, in typical fashion, he drove his vehicle right off the road and it came crashing down. 

His fans usually love to see these types of crashes but one police officer was waiting for him at the bottom on a motorbike, forcing the streamer into some improv. 

After whacking out his taser, the former CS:GO player stunned one of the cops before reinforcements arrived – giving him leverage. “Put your fucking hands up. Give me your fucking keys,” he said before teammates started to fire at him. “Tell your cops to don’t fucking move. Tell your friend to stop fucking shooting.” 

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In what proved to be a very strange interaction with the GTA RP police officers, summit1g later handcuffed the captured player and threatened to kill them if they didn’t let him go. “Don’t fucking shoot bro. I’ll fucking cap him” he shouted in a strange voice. 

“Please don’t do anything stupid. Just honor the demands alright,” the officer told his team. “I got a daughter.”

A few moments later he was handed maybe a better deal than what he was bargaining for, as one officer pulled up in a car and told him it was his. So, he drove away from the situation. 

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Just after they rode away in the car, a helicopter appeared above them and they managed to outpace it in a sedan, which was quite surprising for both viewers and the streamer. 

However, the whole plan soon fell apart once they started to drive through a tunnel and the vehicle exploded in a devastating crash – leaving summit stunned. 

“You are kidding me right now, man. Oh my god. This the worst fucking thing ever. Holy shit,” he said, before claiming to sever ties with the driver. “After he’s gone, he’s gone.”

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If both players were planning on escaping the cops in this amazing chase, it’s fair to say that this wasn’t quite the ending they were expecting.