Summit1g slams his Twitch chat for sponsored stream negativity

Twitch: Summit1G

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar hit out at his chat for being a little too negative as he conducted a sponsored segment for the new Marvel Avenger’s game.

As one of Twitch’s biggest variety streamers, Summit can regularly been seen dipping his toe in a wide range of games. Be it something as fun as Sea of Thieves, dramatic as GTA RP, or as intense as Escape from Tarkov, the leader of the 1G plays everything. 

Sometimes, that even includes sprinkling in a game that his fans might not expect him to play because he’s conducting a sponsored stream or he’s fiving an early review. 

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For the most, his chat can be pretty understanding but, during his August 23 stream, Summit had to lay down the law as he picked out repeated examples of negativity. 

Summit is afraid to call out his chat when something is amiss.

Lazar had spent a few hours playing the beta of the new Marvel Avenger’s game but as he wrapping up, he noticed his chat had turned a little more toxic than normal. 

“We’re gonna have to change the whole vibe we’ve got going on this channel for sponsored segments,” Summit started. I’m not a fan of how the chat rolls through some of this content and the comments that go down.”

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Warning his chat about the use of sub-only mode, he continued: “Like, you think every single game I play that you’re gonna like? That’s not a possibility. Trust me, there’s games in life that I like and you don’t. Instead of being a negative nancy, go do your thing or suck it the f**k up.”

Summit further laid down the law by pointing out that he could, if he wanted to, just start handing out bans for the negativity – even though some viewers might see that as a pretty extreme step. 

“Come on boys, I just don’t like to see it,” he added. “Why be negative? Why you guys gotta be a**holes? I can be negative if the game is s**tting on my soul or something like that, but I’m not going in someone else’s Twitch chat and being negative for no reason.”

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He concluded, noting that even though viewers are pretty supportive of streamers making their money, there is a strange negativity around sponsored streams and segments. 

“It’s pretty sad to see how negative the chat gets when we got to a sponsored segment,” Summit added. “It looks really, really bad on me and the community that we’ve built. It makes us look bad. You understand that right?”

While the vibe of his channel is usually chill, Summit has begun to speak up more about the negativity in his chat – earlier noting that it pushed him away from playing Elder Scrolls Online. 

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Wheter or not his viewers will heed his warning and turn things around, though, very much remains to be seen.