Summit1g in hysterics after watching Dr Disrespect’s Splitgate skills

Twitch: Dr DisRespect/summit1g

Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar couldn’t help but laugh after watching Dr DisRespect’s Splitgate gameplay, ahead of the pair’s Halo 1v1.

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The two streamers have a hilarious public feud going, agreeing that when Halo releases on PC they will have a 1v1 match, with the Doc – as always – overtly confident about his abilities. The 1v1 is garnering some serious hype, with Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek sharing his opinion on it.

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While streaming on May 25, Summit took a break to evaluate the Doc’s Splitgate: Arena Warfare gameplay, much to his, and his viewers’, amusement.

1047 GamesDoc was playing Splitgate, the new shooter many have been comparing to Halo.
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Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a new FPS from 1047 Games, released on May 24. It has drawn a lot of comparisons with the Halo franchise, in both looks and feel. The Doc was streaming it on May 25, and summit checked in just in time to see him struggling, being killed by a player he had just accidentally ignored.

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“What happened to those two bullets that just went right through him?” the Doc raged.

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After watching the Doc die, summit was reduced to hysterics.  “Out of all the clips to watch,” laughed Lazar. “I can’t believe I came across that one – unless this is happening all the time. He just watched that guy run up and kill him.”

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The Doc was unimpressed with the situation, and was even more unimpressed with shroud’s input on the pair’s 1v1, after the ex-CS:GO pro said he didn’t think summit has anything to worry about. In his rebuttal, the Doc says that once he’s “done with the little guy [summit]”, shroud’s next.

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While the Doc is on Twitter throwing shade at shroud, summit was clearly having fun watching the Doc struggle.

Lazar has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity, thanks mainly to his GTA V role play streams. However, he is talented in a number of games, and clearly doesn’t seem too concerned about the Doc’s Halo ability, at least if his Splitgate talents are anything to go by.

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