Summit1g responds to criticism about his RPing in GTA RP

. 3 years ago

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g‘ Lazar had a response to members of the GTA RP community who heavily criticized his roleplay after he gunned down a police officer in broad daylight.

GTA RP, an online mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V,  sprung to popularity on Twitch at the start of 2019, with streamers from all over the platform flocking to the highly-entertaining game.

One of those was summit, who despite a brief hiatus, has since returned to the NoPixel server to continue his Charles Johnson persona. The streamer has faced criticism in the past for his role-play skills – after, perhaps, enjoying the criminal lifestyle a little too much. While he’s overcome them in the past, new critics have reared their heads.

Summit1g, Twitch
Summit’s Charles Johnson persona is one of the less controversial characters, but nobody everybody in GTA RP is a fan.

During his August 17 stream, summit and his gang were conducting a number of convenience store robberies when the cops were alerted to their actions and eventually dispatched to hunt them down.

In a bid to ‘send a message’, summit and his boys immediately rained down bullets on streamer Stoner_Minded – giving his cop character a fiery demise. “That’s yikes,” he said, clearly frustrated about being used as collateral damage. “That’s just AIDS honestly, that’s just dumb.”

The clip and thoughts of the streamer eventually made their way to summit, even though he had since moved on and was focusing on his next piece of roleplay.

“When a cop messes up, and I don’t know what’s going on – the cops have been running rampant around the city, well, you’re a clip, you know,” he stated.

“We all knew we wanted to mag dump on some cops to send some messages back a little bit, I’m sorry you had to be on the end of it – my bad, my bad. What do you want me to do man? Like I said, you guys kill me fifteen times, I kill one cop and it’s a problem? Come on. I understand the RP is supposed to be there, I get that. Trust me more more than anybody wants that.”

Whether or not summit and his fellow criminals will re-evaluate their plans based on the cops’ annoyance remains to be seen.

It might be something to consider, however, as frustrations can lead to in-game grudges and an ultimately poor RPing experience for everyone involved.

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