Summit1g nails perfectly timed-stunt during GTA RP race

Published: 29/Feb/2020 21:32

by Scott Robertson


The super-popular Twitch streamer ‘summit1g’ wowed his viewers with his impressive driving skills during a race inside a GTA Online roleplaying server, creating a meme-worthy moment with his excellent timing.

Summit1g has had some incredible moments inside GTA roleplaying servers, but this incredible highlight from his recent return to the popular game mode might just be his magnum opus.

He’s certainly no stranger to the races in GTA RP, having previously derailed one in the past with a hilarious hit-and-run. He’s also no stranger to having issues with the in-game cops, frequently getting hit by invisible cars, and invoking more “1g” comments coupled with the fire emoji.

Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games
summit1g has had several run-ins with cops during the hours he’s put into streaming GTA RP.

During his February 28 stream, summit1g was participating in a long race around the entire map of Los Santos against other players, with the first lap taking over 11 minutes to complete.

He was only one minute into the second lap when something spectacular and perfectly-timed occurred to prompt an abundance of Pog’s from his Twitch chat.

Summit was going so fast that his car lifted off the pavement when the road sloped down heading across a bridge, causing him to rotate and bounce off of a light pole that saved him from flying off an elevated bridge into the ocean.

Amazingly, he regained control of his vehicle as the bridge came to an end – and he did all of this while accompanied by his music, which was playing Dave Rogers’ “Deja Vu” from the anime series Initial D, which is fittingly about street racing.

The chorus of the song has been used in various memes and videos over the years, and is still popularly used on sites like YouTube and TikTok. That chorus came in at the perfect time as summit1g completed his stunt.

Unfortunately, when he lost control of his vehicle again just a minute later as the chorus of the song kicked in again, it wasn’t a deja vu of his first miraculous recovery.

Clips and moments like this are great, but don’t expect these in the same frequency as last year. Summit has stated on stream that he won’t be doing GTA RP streams as frequently going forward, and won’t typically do the eight-hour-long ones he has pulled off before.

It’s worth pointing out that in the past, he’d said that he was “done” with the mod, but came back to play just months later. For fans of his roleplaying antics and wild car crashes, hopefully limiting the amount of time he plays on average means a longer lifespan in his game library.


Why is #FreeTommy trending? Tommyinnit responds after shock TikTok ban

Published: 25/Feb/2021 1:46

by Brad Norton


Popular Minecraft YouTuber Tommyinnit has become a major trend across social media again as the internet celebrity had his TikTok account banned out of nowhere.

Tommyinnit has been one of the fastest-growing stars on the internet of late. From remarkable Twitch viewership to staggering income, his growth across a number of social platforms has been something to behold. Though there was one major setback in his way for a short period.

The popular personality was suddenly removed from TikTok on February 24. Seemingly without reason, the platform banned Tommyinnit’s account which had just climbed to over four million followers.

“TikTok just banned me,” he revealed on Twitter.

“Crushed. I am absolutely crushed. Please TikTok,” he added with a hashtag that went on to trend in a matter of minutes. “#FreeTommy.”

Having trended on Twitter just days prior, this latest viral moment comes as a result of the bad news. Thousands of loyal fans immediately jumped on the trend, spamming #FreeTommy across social media to get it trending.

There’s no denying the enormous community support had an impact as Tommy’s account was restored in under an hour.

Hundreds of tweets and thousands of impressions later, his TikTok account was back to normal. All of his videos were brought back to the platform and the creator was free to engage with fans once again.

There’s currently no telling why the sudden ban came through in the first place, however. The 16-year-old has just 18 videos on TikTok at the time of writing, most of which are simple close-ups on his face.

#FreeTommy trends on Twitter.
#FreeTommy shot to the number one trend worldwide in a matter of minutes.

While the controversy was short-lived, it goes to show that even the biggest social media stars can have their profiles erased in the blink of an eye. 

TikTok is yet to explain the reason behind this shock ban, though we’ll be sure to keep you updated if any further information comes to light.