Summit1g makes emotional plea to Sea of Thieves stream snipers

Twitch: Summit1g/Sea of Thieves

Jaryd ‘Sea of Thieves stream snipers before hilariously imploring them to ‘suck his weiner,’ after they ruined a lengthy portion of the stream for his loyal viewers.

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The streamer took a break from the pirate adventure title to dive right into the newly released Apex Legends. However, he has made a return and in doing so, his hilarious highlight clips are also back.

This time, though, he wasn’t doing his best to steal someone’s loot by tip-toeing around their ship or trolling enemies with a spooky voice changer. Instead, he was the one being trolled. 

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RARESummit made his return to Sea of Thieves recently – and he quickly returned to his usual antics

After a number of stream snipers continued to appear during his livestream, Summit decided to snap at them. Beginning his brilliant rant, he said: “Dude, this prick. Guys, come on. Somewhere in your fucking body there is a heart that is not stone fucking cold like the whole rest of your life is. Jesus.

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“How many times do you need to try to just fuck things up for lots of people, right now?” he asked them. “Suck a fucking cock and go somewhere else. Go to sleep, get a job, do something. It’s un-fucking-believable man.”

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He wasn’t finished just yet. “We all wanna see the Athena Ship. We’ve all been waiting fucking two hours for this motherfucker and you dumbasses, who suck penis at the video game, are still trying to just get your fucking clout on the stream,” he added.

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“Suck my weiner and fucking leave already. Jesus.” 

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After getting his rage out of his system, Summit continued with his Sea of Thieves quests – doing what he does best and trolling enemy ships.  

If the streamer returns to the title for the long-term, it’s probably not best to anger him while he’s sailing the high seas as it could be you whose on the end of his next rant. 

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