Summit1g hilarously chokes during attempted Sea of Thieves heist

by Wyatt Donigan


Twitch star Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar has been playing a ton of Sea of Thieves lately and has pulled off some amazing heists, but it looks like things don’t always go his way.


While summit made a name for himself playing professional Counter-Strike, he’s since pivoted to streaming and has become one of Twitch’s biggest stars.

Over the last few weeks, his game of choice on stream has been Sea of Thieves, which has led to some hilarious antics on an almost daily basis.


Despite pulling off some incredible heists in the past, Summit recently suffered a pretty major slip up during one of his latest heists that led to his untimely, and hilarious, demise.

The streamer was attempting to blow up his target’s ship with an explosive barrel but missed completely and was forced to improvise on the spot.

“Aw, summit. How are you fucking this up right now?” Summit asks himself mid-heist.

After falling from the crow’s nest of the boat and missing not one, not two, but three shots at close range, summit is then killed and must regain his composure.

“I can make this work still! Maybe my fucking boat is still there,” Summit tries to convince himself before respawning. “Oh my God, it’s fucking here!”


Summit then goes on to hop back into battle on shore before getting revenge on his killer and finishing up his heist on a positive note.

While this particular heist might not have been the smoothest for summit, he showed his fans that a little bit of dedication is all that it takes to survive life on the high seas.

Still, summit will likely be a bit more careful during his next heist to prevent any further mishaps like this one!