Summit1g shares hilarious reason for not returning to CS:GO anytime soon

by Connor Bennett


Streamer Jaryd ‘Fortnite because of the RNG (Random Number Generator) aspect that rewards luck and can take away from skilled players. 

While he’s attempted to take on CS:GO’s competitive scene in the past, he won't be returning any time soon - as he tries to avoid his fiery history with the title.


Twitch: Summit1G
Twitch: Summit1G
Summit had his own name turned into a meme because of CS.

Summit posted to Twitter about missing ‘real competition’ in video games where RNG wasn’t a big factor and 5v5 remained king - essentially describing CS:GO. Yet, after Scott ‘SirScoots’ Smith pointed out that CS:GO was the game he was looking for - the streamer revealed the hilarious reason why he won’t be exploring that option again.

He hilariously replied “I burned myself out on cs ;),” referring to the iconic incident where, while playing for Splyce at DreamHack Austin 2016, he died to his own Molotov. That moment which has since become a meme that has stuck with Summit - even finding it’s niche as chate emote in the past.


Summit has dabbled in CS:GO since his hilarious gaffe but never competed on the same level as before. The streamer most recently played for squads like Team Mythic and subtLe, alongside a number of fellow streamers, but never took his interest much further.

Playing with friends appears to be the level Summit will stick to in the future - considering he’s all burnt out on CS:GO.