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Entertainment • May 07, 2019

Summit1g explains why battle royale esports don't work

Summit1g explains why battle royale esports don't work
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Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd 'Summit1g' Lazar has admitted that he can't really understand the attraction of competitive battle royale tournaments, suggesting that they don't work as well as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Dota 2 matches. 


The former CS:GO streamer has been switching up the games he streams, after ending a long stint of GTA RP on April 24, and has seemingly been looking for some fresh ideas of what to play. 

After taking a look at some battle royale matches being played in the esports scene, though, he has taken issue with two key elements of the game mode. 


It sounds like Summit1g is much more interested in watching CS:GO, rather than Fortnite Battle Royale and other BR games.

"After watching a tournament like Counter-Strike or Dota, I don’t understand how people like to watch battle royale tournaments," the streamer tweeted on May 6. 

"A completely player controlled 1v1 environment on one end, and an RNG shitfest on the other. Just don’t get it," he added.

Summit has given titles Fortnite Battle Royale and Apex Legends a whirl in the past, streaming it for his fanatical viewers, but the games never really maintained his interest for too long. 


PUBG community reaches out to Summit1g 

However, Team SoloMid's competitive PUBG player Gary 'BreaK' Marshall reached out to the streamer and suggested that he should watch some more of Bluehole's game, rather than Fortnite - which he described as "garbage". 

"The recent PUBG tournies have been unreal man," BreaK tweeted. "I think Fortnite looks fucking garbage with the building mechanics, but tune into PEL or NPL and just give it a couple of games. It's in a real good place at the moment." 

This was also seconded by esports commentator Richard Simms during the same interaction. 

Summit1g admitted that while he thinks PUBG is certainly in a better watch than Fortnite Battle Royale, he doesn't think that they're proper esports. Yet, the streamer claimed that he would give it one last chance. 

For fans wondering what game he's going to be streaming next, though, don't get your hopes up for Summit jumping into Erangel, Vikendi, or any other PUBG map in the near future - for that matter. 

He still seems to be undecided on that front and is trying out a variety of games. 

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