Summit1g explains the moment when he “got lucky” and became a Twitch superstar

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Twitch: summit1g

Popular streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has explained how he found fame on Twitch thanks to games such as DayZ Standalone and CS: GO, which helped catapult him to stardom. 

For up-and-coming streamers, it can be tough breaking into the Twitch limelight. Sometimes it can be a stroke of luck as creators quickly jump on the latest trending games and topics to pull in the views.

After setting himself up on Twitch in 2012, Summit1g has now earned his place as one of Twitch’s most famous faces. Although, it wasn’t always an easy road.

The former pro-CS: GO player has shared just exactly how he worked his way to the top and went from having 20 daily viewers to thousands.

summit1g streaming on Twitch
Twitch: summit1g
Summit1g was nominated for a ‘Legacy Award’ at The Streamer Award ceremony in 2022 due to his long and glittering career.

How Summit1g went from 100 to 1400 viewers a day

Speaking on June 21, Summit1g explained just exactly how he found fame. Although he attributed it all to luck, it also involved taking some risks and trying new game titles.

“I kind of did everything the right way. When I first started things just kind of fell into my lap,” Summit said. “I played some Counter-Strike which was the first good choice…it made me go from like 20 viewers to 200 viewers.”

However, he then “took a hit” after he decided to move from CS: GO to WarZ having wanted to have a go at a new game. As a result, his daily viewer count dropped down to 100.

Yet, things then took a U-Turn for Summit as playing WarZ helped him rocket to “1400 viewers every day.”

His decision to start playing DayZ Standalone on stream also proved to be a hugely successful move as the game helped “catapult” him to stardom.

Summit has moved on from his DayZ Standalone days and switched to games such as Valorant, GTA V, and Fortnite.

Although with 6.1 million followers as of writing, it’s certainly not done anything to wane his title as one of Twitch’s most popular streamers.

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