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Summit1g brutally roasts Twitch viewer for complaining about chat ban

Published: 22/Apr/2021 14:02 Updated: 22/Apr/2021 14:03

by Alex Garton


During his Sea of Thieves stream, Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar decided to take the time to roast a viewer who was complaining about being banned from his stream.

When it comes to Twitch, Summit has become a household name on the platform with a dedicated fanbase that tunes in to every single one of his streams. While the majority of his followers are supportive and positive when typing in his chat, there are a few that overstep the boundaries.

These viewers are usually banned for a set amount of time without anyone else in the stream knowing. However, when a viewer decides to complain about the punishment, Summit will sometimes take the time to address the issue and roast them.


Well, during a recent Sea of Thieves stream, he did exactly that responding to a viewer that labeled him a “mediocre gamer”.

Summit Twitch
Twitch: summit1g
Summit has just under 6 million followers on Twitch.

Summit roasts banned viewer on stream

During his April 21 stream, Summit and his crew were playing Sea of Thieves and attempting to take down all of the ships in their server. After encountering multiple ships all in one place, Summit split off from the group and went solo to take out a sloop on his own.

Unfortunately, despite holding the ship for a while, Summit was killed by an opponent who landed a well-aimed shot at close range. Immediately after dying, Summit admitted that he’d made a mistake by not dropping the anchor earlier and going on his own.


Despite Summit admitting his mistake, one viewer felt inclined to tell him and his crew that they shouldn’t split up as they’re all “mediocre gamers”. After receiving the ban, the viewer then complained that he’d been punished over nothing.

It was at this point that Summit decided to read the viewer’s complaint out loud and roast him live on stream.

“I’ll catch you later, I banned you… I believe the original message went somewhere along the lines of why do you guys split up when you’re all mediocre gamers or mediocre at PVP, you’re a mediocre chatter dude so we got rid of you.”


All things considered, Summit only gave the banned viewer a lighthearted roast for voicing his complaint. However, it does send a message to any other trouble-makers in chat that Summit isn’t afraid to address any issues on stream.

For now, Summit appears to be breaking up the GTA RP content with regular Sea of Thieves streams, we’ll have to see what other titles he decides to pick up in the near future.