Summit1g baffled by Fortnite ban for “exploiting” during Twitch stream

Summit1g side-by-side with purple Fortnite characterSummit1G/Epic Games

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar was left pretty baffled after he was “banned” from Fortnite live on stream. Though, his suspension wasn’t exactly permanent like some others. 

While Fortnite may have slipped off the radar for some over the last few months, Epic Games’ decision to implement a ‘no build’ mode has firmly put the battle royale back in the spotlight.

Plenty of streamers who shot to stardom as a result of Fortnite’s initial popularity have found great success across YouTube and Twitch following the game-changing Chapter 3, Season 2 update, and plenty of others are still diving in for matches as they look for something different to play.

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That includes Summit1g, who was a regular in Epic Games’ battle royale a couple of years ago. Though, he was left baffled after his time on Fortnite came to a halt thanks to an out-of-the-blue suspension.

A screenshot teasing Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3Epic Games
Players can now choose to play in build or no-build modes in Fortnite.

Fortnite was pretty much the primary focus of Summit’s April 28 stream, with the leader of the 1G squad mixing and matching teammates for over 10 hours of playtime.

As he exited a game deep into his stream, though, the streaming star was baffled to find that he’d been “banned” for exploiting. “This account has been banned? What?!” Summit gasped. “What did I do man? Wait, what did I exploit? That can’t be real, that’s got to be a troll dude.”

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With Summit assuming it was a mistake, he tried to queue up for a match, but was hit with the message again, confirming that it was a real suspension and that he’d be ineligible to play for 24 hours at least.

However, the ban didn’t even hold up that long. 20 minutes after receiving the ban, Summit was randomly logged out of his Fortnite account, which only added to his confusion.

Though, when he got back on, the suspension had been lifted and he was free to play again. “Appreciate it, anyone who was looking out for me there,” Summit said as he was free to enjoy Fortnite again.

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Who knows why he got banned in the first place, and who knows if it’ll happen again.