Sueco claims Starbucks sent Cease & Desist notice after viral cup size TikTok

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Sueco says Starbucks cease and desist over cup claims
TikTok: sueco / Ricko Pan

Music artist ‘Sueco’ says that Starbucks has purportedly sent him a cease and desist notice amid his claims that the coffee company’s cups are all the same size.

On June 4, rapper ‘Sueco’ uploaded a TikTok that took the internet by storm.

In his viral video, Sueco claimed that Starbucks’ different cup sizes (tall, grande, venti, etc.) are actually all the same size.

The rapper poured a cup full of coffee in a tall-sized cup before dumping the hot liquid into two other cups of gradually increasing size.

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The clip shows that the ‘tall’ sized amount of coffee even overflowed over the next size, appearing to hint that the next size up was actually smaller.

Sueco’s video has taken over TikTok, garnering over 16 million views in just four days.

It wasn’t long before the rapper returned to TikTok with a video that’s dropping jaws all over the internet… he says that Starbucks has sent him a cease and desist notice.

sueco instagram photo
Instagram: suecothechild
Sueco is a popular rapper with over 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

The purported notice, which he showed in his video, claims that Sueco was “spreading fake, destructive, and defamatory rumors” about the company.

That’s not all; the alleged notice also says that, if Sueco fails to comply with the C&D, Starbucks will “move forward with a full defamation suit” — which includes “a complete and permanent deletion of your social media accounts.”

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Is Sueco Starbucks cease & desist fake?

However, the entire ordeal might be faked. Further on in his video, Sueco claims he was interviewed by TMZ. However, the interview is nowhere to be found online, suggesting the company’s outrage over its ‘cup size scandal’ isn’t even real.

Sueco’s claims about Starbucks’ cup sizes has already been debunked by baristas in another viral video — but his latest claims are adding another layer of confusion on this Grande-sized debacle.

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