Students sneak into teacher’s house & spend the night in wild senior prank

teacher-pranked-by-students-snuck-into-houseInstagram: sasdelaware

A class of high school students is going viral after sneaking into their teacher’s home and spending the night for a wild ‘senior prank.’

Summer is here, and that means school is out — or almost out for some districts. With the school year nearing its end, that means it’s time for seniors to ‘get back’ at their teachers after going through twelve years of compulsory education.

Senior pranks are a classic and time-honored tradition in American schools. At the end of the school year, the senior class will usually get together to find some creative way to pull a practical joke on the school staff; things like setting up a slip n’ slide down the hallway or wrapping the principal’s office in tin foil are just two examples in a long list of possible senior pranks.

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However, one graduating class got extremely creative and decided to take things to the next level. Luckily, their teacher was okay with the joke… but not everyone was a fan of their idea.

Senior class pranks teacher by sneaking into her house at night

The 2023 graduating class of St. Andrew’s School, an Episcopal boarding school in Middletown, DE, decided to band together to pull off one of the most jaw-dropping senior pranks we’ve seen thus far.

Rather than taking their antics to the school building, St. Andrew’s entire graduating class snuck into their teacher’s home and spent the night. A viral clip taken from the prank shows their teacher — the extremely good-humored Ms. McGrath — walking into her kitchen dressed in a robe and crocs first thing in the morning, absolutely shocked to see her students gathered in her own living space.

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She quickly backed out of the room before opening the door again to greet the kids: “Good morning, little bunnies!”

The video continues with the students and their teacher exchanging some banter as more and more students pile out into the living room. The clip, which was posted to Instagram by St. Andrew’s School on May 19, has racked up over 1 million views and is going viral on other social platforms like Twitter, as well.

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While some commenters thought the prank was wholesome, others expressed concerns about the teacher’s home security — while still others warned that the practical joke could have become a dangerous affair.

In the United States, multiple deadly incidents have occurred as the result of being on another person’s property in 2023, alone — such as a 20-year-old woman who was shot and killed for simply turning around in a stranger’s driveway.

Other similar incidents to the senior class’s prank have sparked outrage online, as seen in the case of infamous internet figure ‘Mizzy,’ who came under fire after walking into a family’s home for a video as a ‘joke.’

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