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Student Teacher goes viral on TikTok after ‘unfair’ dress code violations

Published: 1/Apr/2022 5:20

by Connor McCrory


A student-teacher is going viral on TikTok after revealing that her outfits received multiple dress code violations, sparking debate about school dress code policies.

TikTok star ‘meimonstaa’, whose real name is Mei Mei, has amassed over 1.9 million followers with her fashion and POV content, gaining over 102 million likes.

In a recently posted, but since-deleted video, Mei stated that if she violates the dress code just one more time, she could possibly be removed from her student-teacher program.

In the deleted clip, Mei claimed she was cited for a “western-style T-shirt,” which she paired with a cardigan and formal dress pants, with the school’s dress code only allowing T-shirts to be worn on Spirit Day.


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@meimonstaaLmk if u wanna battle on roblox 😎♬ original sound – Mei Mei

TikTok reacts to student-teacher ‘unfair’ dress code

On February 8, 2022, the TikToker uploaded a second video poking fun at the fact that the school dress coded her, telling her fans that she “still can’t believe [she’s] getting dress coded.”

Mei starts out her video by saying “I’m a student teacher and I’ve been getting dress coded a lot, it’s happened three times so far,” while simultaneously showing off her wardrobe.

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@meimonstaaI still can’t believe I’m getting dress coded 💀♬ original sound – Mei Mei

Fans have taken to the comment section of the star’s video to voice their thoughts about the situation.


“Idk bestie…I feel like they’re gonna find SOMETHING to dress code you for,” one fan said.

“Have they told you specifically why you’ve been dress coded so you can avoid it? Because your fits have literally been harmless,” another user questioned.

“I feel like they’re dress coding you for looking attractive and they seem that distracting. But it’s not your fault you’re beautiful and have style,” another TikToker stated.

Mei has since remained silent on whether or not she received another dress code, but one thing for sure, is that her fans seem to be super supportive of her fashion decision.