Student has perfect response to classmate mocking her punk outfit in viral TikTok

TikToker dying for youTikTok: Dying.For.You/Unsplash: Eyestetix

A TikToker has gone viral after delivering the perfect response to one of her classmates who mocked her punk rock outfit, implying that it was a Halloween costume.

Fashion is one of the most popular ways people express themselves, especially out in public and at school.

TikToker does just that with her punk rock-style outfits that she wears to high school. Little did she know that during that school day, a classmate would share a picture where they “mock” her style.

The TikToker has managed to turn the incident into a viral video, thanks to what many believe is the perfect response to her classmate’s actions.

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Student has the perfect response to classmate “mocking” her outfit

Uploaded on October 6,’s video has been viewed over 8.5 million times. In it, she shows a picture taken by her classmate that implies her punk rock style is the equivalent of a Halloween costume.

The video quickly cuts to her in the bathroom showing that she printed the picture onto a t-shirt. In the caption of the video, she explains that she tried to add the guy on Snapchat but he blocked her.

However, the TikToker made it clear that she doesn’t want any hate towards her classmate in a comment.

“Before I see any negative comments. I have no hatred towards this kid,” she explained. “I found it funny and my friends and I made the shirts be kind y’all.”

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Viewers quickly flooded the comments with support for her response.

“Yep that’s a win right there,” one user replied.


A third user said: “This is the energy I will teach my daughters, this is the energy.”