Stretching guide to avoid injury for streamers, pro players and hardcore gamers

by Kamil Malinowski


It’s important to take care of your hands and wrists while gaming and stretches are a good way to reduce the possibility of things like Repetitive Stress Injury, so we have compiled a list of a few of the best stretches you can do to help stay injury-free.


Hands and wrists are one of the most important assets for any streamer and pro player, without them playing most games would be a whole lot more difficult.

It’s very easy to spend hours on the PC every day and not think of any consequences, but too much repetition can be harmful, so here is a quick guide on how to help your hands and wrist with various stretches.

Streamers and pro players spend a long time playing, and are susceptible to injury.


A doctor named Dr Levi Harrsion started a YouTube channel to educate people about staying healthy, in one video, he shared a few tips centered on keeping your hands and wrists healthy while gaming. Here are some of the most important tips he shared.

Regularly take a short break 

Before even getting into stretches, it’s important to take a short, regular break to give your hands some time to rest. Even though your hands may not feel tired, doing a repetitive thing over and over for hours isn’t great.



Hand stretches

A good series of movements to stretch your hands can do wonders. Dr Levi suggests to make a full fist, open your hand wide, move your fingers to make a 90 degree angle where they meet your palm (also known as the tabletop), put your fingers into a claw shape, then put your fingers flat on your palm, and to finish off make a full fist again.

Finger stretches

Finger stretches are equally as important as hand stretches as they are used just as much when playing.

Dr Levi Harrison / Youtube
Dr Levi Harrison / Youtube
Hand stretches are important for anyone that plays games.


To begin with, push each of your fingers back individually to stretch them out, that’s all there is to it. However, the thumb is one of the most important fingers to focus on, so there are a few more stretches you can do for it.

Push your thumb back and forward, then reach across your palm and touch each of your fingers with it. Afterward, make a full fist, then open it and spread your fingers out, before putting them back together and closing your fist again.

Dr levi harrison / Youtube
Dr levi harrison / Youtube
There are many different stretches you can do.


General stretches

There are also a few general stretches that you can do to help out multiple, and even all, parts of your hands and wrists.

These include shaking your hands around, putting your arm out and lifting your wrist, then stretching all of your fingers back, followed by pulling your wrist down and holding it.

Stretching can be very important as repetitive strain injuries can hinder game play. Some of the best professional players like Starcraft’s Lee "Flash" Young Ho and CS:GO’s Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer Gustafsson suffered from wrist problems and even had to take stop competing for a time.