Streamers Have Hilarious Reactions After Being Gifted 100 Subscribers On Twitch

by DG Goldstein


Some community members have been able to get a collection of awesome reactions from streamers after gifting them 100 subscribers at once.

Announced on August 8 by Twitch, community members will now have the opportunity to gift streamers with up to 100 subscribers at one time.

An algorithm selects the certain viewers that will be granted with a gifted subscription to that specific channel and will allocate subs to a hierarchy of eligible users if there are not enough concurrent viewers present at the time.

Needless to say, some community members have already put the new feature to good use for a collection of different channels, which typically has the ability to confuse those that are on the receiving end of the gesture.


Below, we have included a number of clips from different streamers after they were lucky enough to be granted 100 free subscribers.





More information on the gifting feature can be found on the official Twitch website.