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Entertainment • Apr 30, 2019

Streamers Mizkif and Esfand reveal reason for unexpected Twitch ban

Streamers Mizkif and Esfand reveal reason for unexpected Twitch ban
Mizkif Twitch / Esfand Twitter

Fans of popular Twitch streamers ‘Esfand’ and ‘Mizkif’ were left confused after learning that the online personalities had been issued simultaneous bans, and while many speculated why, Esfand has revealed the reason in a TwitLonger posted on April 30.


Twitch users at this point are accustomed to strange or sudden action taken against some streamers by the company, with very little explanation as to what would be the root cause for the infraction.

While many thought the ban handed down to Mizkif and Esfand would remain unexplained, one of the streamers have since come out and provided their own reasoning for the ban.


Mizkif Twitch
Mizkif is no stranger to controversy, but the latest bans puzzled a lot of people.

Why were Esfand and Mizkif banned?

In the aftermath of the pair's ban. Esfand has shed some light on the issue, releasing a statement on TwitLonger after originally saying that he couldn't say much about the situation.

“For the record, the suspension is not permanent,” Esfand said on Twitter. “And it wasn’t for anything ‘immoral’ along the lines of hate speech or something like that (that’s probably easy to assume if you know me, but just clarifying).”


In the TwitLonger, Esfand states that the incident that caused the pair to be banned happened back in March, when they attended the PAX East convention in Boston, Massachusetts. While livestreaming at the event, Esfand states that the pair ran into another streamer who also cosplays, but refrained from naming who they met. 

During the broadcast, Mizkif shouted: "She just sucked my dick," when the camera panned away from the pair for a moment, making a joke after the female streamer had been making fun of him during the stream. While Mizkif and Esfand felt it was clearly a joke, the streamer was not happy with the comment, and later messaged Esfand about the moment, who apologized while agreeing that while it wasn't made with ill-intentions, the quip was inappropriate. 

While the pair thought the issue was resolved, it appears that the female streamer's legal team has contacted Twitch about the incident that took place at PAX East, causing Twitch to hand down a punishment to Mizkif and Esfand. 

Esfand's full statement was made on TwitLonger.

Mizkif himself states while Esfand is correct in terms of the joke, he made other comments that were out of line, and states that his chat was also causing issues. The streamer states he is at fault for the issue, and asked his viewers not to attack anyone over this incident. 

When will Mizkif and Esfand be unbanned?

Esfand confirmed that at the moment, both have received a seven day suspension as this incident is their first infractions on Twitch. Esfand confirmed that they are currently working with the livestreaming platform in an attempt to "resolve the issue and reduce the punishment," however it's unclear at this time whether this will be successful. 

Should Twitch decide to enforce the punishment in its entirety, Mizkif and Esfand will not make a return to Twitch until Wednesday, May 8 at the earliest. 

This article was updated at 4:02AM EDT on Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

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