Kandyland’s microwave kills broadcast in facepalm-inducing twist

Virginia Glaze
Twitch: Kandyland / Wikimedia Commons

Thanks to the advent of IRL streaming, just about anyone can broadcast their daily lives for all to see – but sometimes, these streams can capture hilarious, awkward, and downright unexpected moments as they unfold in real time.

Popular Twitch streamer Emma “Kandyland” Carlsson is known for the hilarious hijinks that occur during her IRL streams, including an instance in early May where she almost burned down her own kitchen.

This time, however, she didn’t set her house ablaze – instead, she brought an abrupt halt to her stream, thanks to the unfortunate placement of her cellphone in proximity to her microwave.

Kandylul, Instagram
Kandyland is a popular IRL streamer on Twitch – and one of her broadcasts ended in hilarious disaster.https://www.instagram.com/p/B0-mwQSIjob/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Kandyland was unpacking an IKEA haul when she decided to show her audience an odd issue with her electricity, claiming that one of her lamps would flicker at times.

To showcase the phenomenon, Kandyland seemed to put her phone underneath her microwave, turning it on to see if the machine would sap the electricity and cause the light to flicker.

Instead, the microwave ended her broadcast, kicking the stream offline in a hilarious turn of events that left the streamer clearly embarrassed.

“I’m dying!” she exclaimed through laughter. “Am I that dumb? …I’m so stupid!”

The streamer went on to explain that she’d merely placed a glass of water in her microwave to see if the light would start flickering – although she didn’t anticipate that her broadcast would be cut short due to her experiment.

As previously mentioned, this wouldn’t be the first time Kandyland has gotten into some shenanigans during her IRL streams at home: she likewise set off a smoke alarm during a cooking stream in May, although she couldn’t figure out why it sounded pre-emptively.

The smoke alarm likely scared the pants off a few of her viewers due to how loud it was, with the streamer desperately moving pots, pans, and fanning the alarm with a pillow in an attempt to quiet the head-splitting noise.

[WARNING: The clip below is LOUD.]

It looks like Kandyland’s home-improvement shenanigans are far from over, however, considering her latest stream – but it certainly makes for some good, old fashioned entertainment.