Streamers furious after Twitch adds new ad tools while hate raids continue

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A new Twitch feature is finally letting streamers combat pre-roll advertisements and put a lot more power in the hands of content creators, but many users would rather action be taken against hate raids, instead.

On September 13, Twitch announced its new “ad manager” functionality that would let streamers schedule ads, set their length, delay them to begin a broadcast, and more.

While there isn’t an option to remove pre-roll ads completely, by scheduling a 90-second ad every 30 minutes, streamers can keep the pre-rolls from playing.

The addition of this new tool was met with both praise and backlash from members of the community. While many applauded it, some still feel like Twitch doesn’t have its priorities right amid the hate bot raids still plaguing the site.

“Glad to see you’ve got your priorities right. Streamers being threatened, doxxed, racially and transphobically attacked. But don’t worry, we can autoschedule ads,” streamer Annie Krevice wrote.

“You still haven’t done anything to those spreading hate through hate raids. This tip is just about Twitch getting their money cuz the creators make pennies from those ads,” another remarked.

“Thanks for a feature that NO ONE ASKED FOR. How about some features to deal with hate bot raids? Those have been going around and you aren’t doing anything about them,” yet another user slammed.

Twitch has promised new tools are in the works to combat hate raids and is even taking two suspected users involved in the raids to court. For some, however, until the issue is dealt with, these new features mean very little.

Still, for those who want a better ad experience on Twitch, these new tools should bring something to the table.

Many are hopeful that the next time Twitch makes an announcement, it’s about solving the hate raid problem as that is still the biggest concern for a lot of users on the platform.