Streamer’s Dog Starts Licking Him To Death While Playing Virtual Reality Shooter

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, and one Twitch streamer’s pup made sure his owner knew that by hilariously licking his face while he tried to play a Virtual Reality game.

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The streamer, known as SovietWomble, was in the middle of an intense game of Pavlov, a first person shooter played using a VR headset. 

Womble is seen playing very passively, peeking around corners and slowly moving to cover as he attempts to sneak away from opponents below him. Finally, SovietWomble makes it a wooden box, and crouches down behind it while a smoke grenade goes off around him.

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It was at that moment, with Womble crouched on the ground, that his dog Lulu decided to make an appearance on stream. Womble is heard saying “I love you too honey”, before muffled cries of “Oh God” as Lulu gets to work licking her master on the face.

Womble is seen trying to push the dog away using his hands, but it’s no use, the dog gets back to work as he chuckles that she’s “distracting him from the terrorists”.

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In the end, Womble accepts his fate and bursts into fits of laughter as Lulu continues to lick his face, to the delight of those watching his stream. Comments of “doggo” and Lulu attack” were rampant in the chat as this hilarious moment unfolded.

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One thing is definitely for sure though, Lulu is absolutely a good dog!