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Streamers 5up & Hafu delight fans with return of Among Us morning lobbies

Published: 13/Jun/2022 14:15 Updated: 13/Jun/2022 14:16

by Emma Hill


Content creators Rumay ‘Hafu’ Wang and ‘5up’ have announced that their popular morning Among Us streams will be making a highly-anticipated comeback. 

It was hard to escape the Among Us hype in 2020 with streamers across the community featuring the game in their content. However, as time went on there were fears that the excitement for the online multiplayer game was slowly dying away.

Yet, various content creators have fought hard for the game’s survival and with fantastic results. YouTuber Valkyrae, for example, revealed that her Among Us event ‘Sussy Sundays’ are her most popular streams throughout the week.

Now, veteran Among Us players Hafu and 5up are making their triumphant return to the game much to the joy of their fans.


Among Us lobby
The hype for Among Us started to die down in 2021. But, the game is starting to make a resurgence.

Hafu and 5up announce upcoming Among Us return

Hafu and 5up enjoyed huge success with their Among Us streams during its prominence back in 2020. The pair even teamed up together to create a custom map for the game.

However, Hafu later announced in April 2021 that she was joining the long list of streamers who were giving up on the game as she was getting “bored.”

That all changed, though, on June 12 when she announced via Twitter that she would be making a “comeback” with Among Us morning lobbies.

5up similarly joined her on June 13, saying that not only would the morning lobbies be returning but they will be a regular feature once again, taking place every week.


Fans react to 5up and Hafu’s Among Us announcement

The news was welcomed by fans who were delighted to hear the pair would be reuniting with their fellow Among Us enthusiasts.

One excited fan said: “The words I’ve been waiting to see and hear since I can’t even remember how long. Will certainly be there!” While another who was equally as excited claimed it was “the best news [they’d] ever heard in [their] entire life.”

Hafu and 5up will be returning to their morning lobby on June 15 with appearances from their reliable old teammates also set to take place.