Streamer with Tourette’s shares her honest opinion on possibility of Twitch partnership

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch streamer ‘Sweet_Anita’ has seen massive channel growth since hilarious clips of her stream went viral in October of 2018 - but she doesn’t think her chances of getting partnered with the platform are very high.


Anita laughed about the issue during a broadcast on November 15, citing her acute Tourette’s syndrome as a likely reason that her channel may never see a partnership with Twitch.

“I’m not sure they’re too keen on me, if I’m honest, ‘cause they haven’t partnered me,” she joked in response to a fan’s question on the matter. “Everyone’s been like, ‘Where’s the partner?’ And, yeah, I don’t think it’s coming at this point.”


She went on to joke that Twitch might not see her as the ‘right kind of person’ to enter their partnership program, due to their lack of action in regards to her sudden surge in popularity.

“I think they’ve decided that I’m not the right kind of person to be partnering on Twitch,” she said through a good-humored laugh, breaking into a tic shortly thereafter.


While Anita feels that she may never be partnered with the platform, she has spoken out about any potential bans she might receive due to her condition, hoping that Twitch will tolerate any comments that break their TOS - should they arise from a tic and not an intentional statement.

Anita’s channel saw a sudden surge in growth early October of 2018, rising above 75,000 daily followers when clips of her stream went viral on Reddit as shown by trusted social media statistics side Social Blade.