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Entertainment • Jun 01, 2019

Streamer with Tourette's falls victim to classic donation prank

Streamer with Tourette's falls victim to classic donation prank
Sweet_Anita - Twitch/ Dimension Films

Twitch streamer Sweet_Anita was the victim of a classic notification sound prank during her stream of Outlast.


Viewers are always trying to get a reaction out of their favorite streamers, especially when they are playing a scary game.

Spooky games already have the streamer on edge, especially when playing a game like Outlast, but one viewer took things an extra step and included their own notification sound that caught Sweet_Anita off guard. 

Red Barrels
Outlast is a very scary game.


What a bad time for a call

After being killed in Outlast, Anita received what she thought was a phone call, completely oblivious to the fact that she wasn't actually being called.

"Of all the times for someone to call me," she said. "Why would someone call me right now? Oh my god. Wow. Who the fuck was that?"

Anita appeared to be very convinced someone called her, which led the chat to spam the LUL emote, as she clearly had the joke got over her head.


She was a good sport about it all, keeping a smile on her face the whole time. Being trolled by your chat is something you have to expect as a streamer, so it's important to go along with it.

To her credit, she also wasn't scared by the notification but thought it was more funny than scary. Many streamers would have a much different reaction there, but since it wasn't really a jump scare but more a continuation of her death, she dodged a bullet.

Twitch is full of pranksters

If there's one thing you need to know about Twitch, it's that the chats are made up of would-be comedians. There are a handful of pranks that can be pulled, as evidenced by this prank pulled on Alinity back in April.

During her stream, somebody was able to play a knocking noise, something that sounded so real that she thought somebody was actually at her door. She took off her headphones only to discover the whole thing was a joke.

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