Streamer who threatened to “shoot” Twitch HQ banned again after being allowed back

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Twitch streamer narcissawright has received yet another permanent ban from the site after the streaming community called out Twitch for reversing her last ban despite threatening to “shoot up” the platform’s HQ. 

In 2014, narcissa — formerly known as CosmoWright — earned the world record for speedrunning Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This feat secured their spot as one of the most accomplished speedrunners in the community.

On March 22, 2022, after receiving an indefinite ban from the website, wright took to Twitter and posted threats to “shoot people” at Twitch HQ — although in comments to Dexerto, mentioned that the threats were not legitimate.

After an appeal, her ban was reduced to just 22 days on March 29 — sparking outrage from the Twitch community.

Narcissawright receives second Twitch permaban

On April 7, just days after having her permaban shortened, the streamer revealed on Twitter that she was hit with another permanent suspension.

“Twitch gave me another permanent suspension today. I guess all the replyguys hooping and hollering will be happy. I did send an appeal, though,” she wrote.

This comes just a week after Mizkif explained his thoughts on the situation during a stream on March 31. The OTK co-founder slammed Twitch for the “unbelievable” and “unfair” ways they handle bans.

He went on to explain that Destiny received a permanent ban for breaking hateful conduct rules, with what he believes was a “less serious” view compared to Narcissa’s threat to shoot up Twitch HQ.

narcissawright 2018 streamnarcissawright (Twitch)
narcissawright recently returned to streaming after being banned indefinitely in 2018.

She isn’t letting the permanent ban hold her back from creating content, as shortly after revealing the news, she made plans for her book club stream on YouTube.

It’s unknown at the time of writing why the creator received another permanent ban, but we’ll be sure to update if any more information becomes available.