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Entertainment • Jan 04, 2019

Streamer who ‘accidentally’ got topless claims Twitch didn’t ban her for that

Streamer who ‘accidentally’ got topless claims Twitch didn’t ban her for that

Twitch streamer ‘Lucia_omnomnom’ has claimed that the incident where she accidentally showed herself topless on streams wasn’t the reason she was suspended from the site.


Lucia received a three day suspension from Twitch after a clip of her removing her top was posted to Reddit, with the streamer seemingly unaware that she was still broadcasting.

Many assumed that her ban was due to Twitch’s strict rules on sexual content, which state that “Nudity and sexually explicit content or activities” are prohibited on the site, but Lucia has denied that this was the reason for her suspension.

The Romanian became a Twitch partner in October 2018.


Streaming on Thursday, January 3 after the conclusion of her ban, Lucia stated that Twitch hadn’t mentioned her accident in the email they sent about her suspension, saying:

“In the suspension email, Twitch never mentioned it,” Lucia told her viewers. “I guess they saw what happened, and they just did not say anything about it.”

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“I got suspended because of other reasons, not because of what happened. It was because of the names of my VODs (videos-on-demand). It said ‘Yummy mummy cooks yummy food’, and that was sexual content.”


Twitter uses feel like this is unlikely, and are questioning why the ban wasn’t longer despite the Romanian breaking Twitch’s Terms of Service for nudity, while streamers who use racist or homophobic language often receive 30 day bans.

Lucia only began streaming in September 2018, and has already become a Twitch partner. The incident hasn’t harmed her channel, with the channel gaining over 2,000 followers since the accident took place.

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