Streamer vows to make girlfriend “suffer” during WoW Classic broadcast

Brent Koepp
Freepik / Blizzard Entertainment

During a Twitch streamer’s WoW Classic broadcast, a fight erupted on camera between him and his girlfriend, and things quickly took a turn after he threatened to make her “suffer”.

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WoW Classic has become an obsession for millions of gamers all over again since going live on August 27, with the more dedicated players putting aside their real life responsibilities to explore and grind it out in the popular MMORPG.

However, one WoW streamer quickly got a hard dose of reality after he got into an explosive fight with his girlfriend on camera that brought the stream to a standstill as the argument got nastier by the second.

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An explosive fight on stream

While the streamer was in the middle of playing, the door behind him suddenly swung open as his girlfriend came in to give him a piece of her mind. “Out of all the fucking days!” she screamed, standing at the doorway. 

The female then confronted her boyfriend over what appeared him deciding if her friend could come over to visit. “Out of all the days to try and control who’s keeping me company, it’s not going to be today!” she exclaimed, putting her foot down.

Her boyfriend immediately shot back a threat, where he promised his partner would experience “suffering” for the rest of the week. “I’m letting you know, if you bring her over here today, you will suffer beyond imagination!”

As the girlfriend tried to push back, he continued his threat. “I’m telling you, bring her over. Undermine me if you want, but you will see the punishment!”

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While it’s unclear how the fight started, it soon shifted to the girlfriend being upset over having to cook him dinner instead of getting to hang out with her friend. 

“I am not going to come over here, in the middle of visiting with her, to make your lasagna!” the woman shouted in frustration.

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When the streamer replied that he would make his own food, she explained she was upset that she has to be all alone while he works and that she feels lonely when watching TV by herself.

This caused him to explode in anger, as he shot up out of his chair and shouted “Get out of this fucking room!”

The World of Warcraft player then pushed his girlfriend out of the room and slammed the door before muttering to his chat “Fucking idiot! Oh, she’s going to fucking suffer!”

Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft Classic has seen a resurgence lately, and the streamer was not happy to be interrupted while playing.
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WoW Classic has proven to be really popular on Twitch since its release on August 27, with the game’s category boasting a whopping six million followers as of September 15.