Twitch streamer triciaisabirdy terrified as crazed intruder breaks in to ‘save her’

triciaisabirdyTwitch: triciaisabirdy

Chef and Twitch streamer triciasabirdy had to abruptly end her stream after an intruder broke into her house and began acting erratically.

Popular cooking streamer and Twitch personality triciasabirdy has over 50 thousand followers on the platform and a dedicated fanbase that tune in for each of her streams.

Her content usually involves her preparing and cooking a delicious recipe whilst interacting with her viewers. From seared scallops to Korean steak, she cooks a different meal almost every stream.

Unfortunately, during her February 22 stream, her regular content was disrupted by an intruder that entered her house, forcing her to end the stream early.

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triciaisabirdyInstagram: triciaisabirdy
Luckily, no one was hurt by the intruder.

Home intruder forces triciaisabirdy to end stream early

During her February 22 stream, triciaisabirdy was making Seared Scallops for her viewers and everything at first appeared to be completely normal. It was only just under three hours into the stream when Tricia became visibly concerned and her viewers could tell something was wrong.

All of sudden, there appeared to be a lot of shouting in the background of the stream, and Tricia was clearly confused about what was going on. It was only then she realized that someone has made their way into her house without any permission.

Once Tricia could see the man it was obvious she was extremely worried and asked the intruder to leave the house: “Who are you? Oh my god, excuse me please leave our house.”

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Tricia then decided to end her stream until the intruder had been removed from the home and the cops had arrived.

Luckily, she didn’t have to do deal with the individual on her own as her roommates stood in between the man and her in their kitchen.

After Tricia ended her stream, she began recording the intruder on her phone as her roommates attempted to control the situation. The video shows the intruder acting erratically and standing on a table while shouting.

Despite Tricia and her roommates trying to defuse the situation and speak to the man calmly, he continues to shout over them and act in an aggressive manner.

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It was only later on Twitter that Tricia revealed that the individual had been taken away by the police and that luckily, no one had been hurt. In order to access the house, the man had run in as someone else was entering the building and came in via the garage.

Although it’s difficult to hear what the man is saying in the video, Tricia revealed in a tweet that he said she was a “princess” and that he’s here to “save” her.

There’s no doubt that this was a scary experience for everyone that lives in her house.

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A home is typically the place you feel safest, so having an incident like this occur must have definitely affected them.